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Aerospace Salento – Aerospace Systems – aerospacesalento | Engineering
Progettazione e costruzione di attrezzature meccaniche ed aeronautiche, produzione di ultraleggeri in fibra di carbonio.
Attrezzatura aeronautica, ultraleggero, ultraleggeri, Fibra di carbonio, Progettazione e calcolo, Mauro Donno, ingegneria aeronautica.





Aerospace Srl produces and exports all over the world ultralight aircrafts in carbon fiber and composite materials.
Pro.Mecc is a Company born in 2003 and in constant rapidly expansion in the field of engineering and design,
manufacturing and service of CE machines, electro-mechanical equipments, components and sub-assy for aeronautical and mechanical industry.
From the base of the competences and flexibility of our resources, led by the passion for aviation and flight, Pro.Mecc from 2008 has heavily invested in the integration of the business placing independently in the market the ultralight aircraft Sparviero. The commitment in achieving the know-how in manufacturing and aircraft assembly techniques, in aerodynamic and structural analysis, in composite materials production, in research and development of new project, has been transferred in 2011 in the ultralight aircraft Freccia, completely made of carbon fiber and aeronautic epoxy resin, and in 2012 in the retractable gear version of Freccia. A well widespread sales and dealership net follows Italian as well as European and World market, focusing the attention on customer’s needs and requirements. Qualification, reliability and customer satisfaction are the central points of its job.

The factory is located in Corigliano d’Otranto (Le – Italy), has a productive area of 2.000 sqm, separated in three departments: composite, assembly and CNC machinery division. The plant layout was studied to minimize the time for production, in order to improve productivity by the best inner space exploitation, and to ensure safety and good
condition for our employees. Quality is assured by the EN 9100:2003 certificate obtained in 2007, by the severe structural tests successfully passed for obtainment of LTF-UL and EASA certificate for ultralight aircraft Freccia and Sparviero, and by constant improvement and perfecting of processes and products. Every aircraft produced is inspected and tested by expert equipe of test-pilots before delivery. Along with the great passion for aeronautic and mechanical design and technology, our attention is the centrality of our clients and service, together with internal professionalism care, respecting the environment around us.

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